2017 Slingshot RPM Kite

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    2017 Slingshot RPM Kite

    2017 Slingshot RPM Kite

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2017 Slingshot RPM Kite

Sizes: | 4.5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 14 |
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• Slingshot’s flagship freeride-freestyle crossover kite
• Open-C canopy a versatile shape for all types of riding
• Smooth load, insane pop and unrivaled unhooked performance
• User-friendly and responsive: not just for freestyle fanatics
• Kite of choice for 2x world champion Youri Zoon and top-ranked Carlos Mario

RPM Details:
The RPM returns for 2017 carrying the reputation as one of the greatest kites every produced. Spanning the broad spectrum of users, the RPM is capable of winning multiple world titles as well as appealing to riders of all styles and abilities. From beginners who want a responsive kite with easy relaunch and great depower, to weekend warriors who want to boost big, to world-class competitors like Youri Zoon and Carlos Mario, never before has one kite appealed to so many different types of riders.

The RPM’s Open-C Canopy is a proven shape that has spawned an entire category of kites. For general freeriding, it provides responsive handling, smooth power delivery throughout the window, great boosting ability and powerful but predictable loops. For dedicated freestyle and wakestyle, the RPM’s shape delivers amazing load and pop, smooth pull, massive carry and flawless unhooked performance. No matter what category you fall into, the RPM will improve your entire kiteboarding experience.

*Includes: Kite, Kite Backpack, Bladder Repair Kit, Quick-Start Guide, IRS Bungee Replacement, Pump Hose with One Pump Speed Valve Adapter